Are you a spiritual babe that wishes there was a simplified process telling you HOW to actually attract your desires?

Are you a self development junkie who can talk all things spiritual, yet still can’t seem to manifest those BIG, audacious dreams?

It’s not your fault that you’re feeling this way… the “woo” is confusing when not broken down simply with a step-by-step process that's tailored to you.

It’s time create your dream life, your way.

It’s time to create a manifestation plan that works for you.

It’s time to master your attraction.

A simple approach to manifestation that actually works for YOU.

And that’s what we’re about to do.
Get the only Undergrad that actually matters,

The Universe is your University.

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Have you ever felt like manifestation doesn’t work for you?

Are you worried you’ll have to change everything about yourself in order to be successful?  Do you fear it will be too hard or too much responsibility to actually manifest the life you’ve always dreamed about?

If this is you, it’s totally okay, babe. I get it.

Tell me if this resonates...

You want to believe in “ease” and “flow” you hear about… but you’ve been stuck in the same place for so long, you’re beginning to question if the breakthrough is ever coming.

You’ve been following the gurus, reading the self development books, trying to apply the spiritual practices… but nothing seems to *click*. You don’t know if you’re “doing it right” and you often get frustrated and wonder if it’s even worth it.

And if the overwhelming amount of information wasn’t already enough, You also don’t really feel like you “fit” in the spiritual community.

You’re not a flower crown goddess that blindly accepts the “woo”. You’re all about finer things, but a Chanel purse is not the #1 goal for you. You curse like a sailor, you’ve always been a rule breaker, and sometimes you think that you might be too much…

You know in your bones you are meant for more.

Your soul is craving next level expansion.

But I want you to know, I love that about you.

What if I told you that you didn’t have to fit into a mold or become someone you’re not in order to manifest your dream life?

What if you could become MORE of the messy, imperfectly perfect human that you are, all while creating a life you never thought possible?

What if I told you that there was a simple way, for REAL people, like us, to set and hit every goal?

Well, there is, sister. And manifesting your dream life is about to get a whole lot easier. [without feeling the need to “keep up” with appearances]

Because I know what it feels like to feel like a little spiritual outcast, too.

You had full intentions of changing your life… yet somehow you’ve woken up in 2022 and still feel like you’re living on a never ending hamster wheel. Drowning in the groundhog day you swore would be different by now

...Sound familiar? 

Let me guess... 2019, 2020, and 2021 were each going to be “your year”

The truth is, it’s not your fault that you haven’t built the life you knew you were made for... there is nothing wrong with you.

Nobody gave you the right tools to TRULY understand how to make it work for you.

The manifestation world as it’s taught wasn’t designed for people like you or me… people that have unlimited potential but also like to be a little unruly 😉

We don’t have time (or TBH, the patience) to sift through the overwhelming amount of mindset tools, self development books, and spiritual practices telling us to wake up at 5am for a 2 hour morning routine.

I mean, that’s like a full time job… and who has time for that, seriously?!

Imagine a year from now this groundhog day you’re living is just a distant memory and your vision board is ACTUALLY becoming your reality… All because you finally learned a manifestation method that worked for YOU, and not the gurus you don’t relate to.

Certainly not me.

I followed a small nudge, and then another, and another… that led me to manifesting a life wilder than my dreams.

It started with simply googling “how to be happy.” That’s it.

I was working a soul-sucking job in corporate America, running on a hamster wheel working 80 hours a week. Dreading the weekdays, while counting down the minutes until Friday happy hour could numb my already numb existence.

It wasn’t until a freak accident that forced me to take a hard look at my life, that I decided to make a change. 

Just 4 years ago, I felt exactly like you...

In just 4 years, I’ve created 3 companies that employ 15+ women, launched a Top 15 US Spirituality podcast, attracted deep and fulfilling relationships, made more money than I ever thought possible… all because I created and applied a manifestation method that worked for ME.

I had never even heard the term manifestation when I started, (so if you’re a newbie here, I promise you don’t need prior knowledge– you can leave that up to me!)

In just a few years, I’ve now taken over hundreds of hours of courses and trainings, I’m certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Life & Success Coaching, EFT Tapping, TIME Techniques, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and have become an expert in the subconscious mind & quantum energetics.

So I guess you could say I know a few things 😉 and also a reminder to you: change happens very quickly once you decide to allow it.

But here’s the thing...

Those four years were spent tirelessly trying to make sense of the overwhelming amount of information I was researching.

I spent countless hours trying to make sense of information that could have broken down & applied MUCH more simply.

I felt like an outcast to the *perfect* lives of others I saw on the internet. It was exhausting to think I had to become someone I wasn’t in order to manifest the life of my dreams.

And it almost kept me from doing it… almost.

But as a rule breaker myself, that didn’t fly with me.

And once it all clicked, I realized how important it was that this information be accessible & understandable to EVERYONE.

I realized that the way manifestation is taught isn’t the way it HAS to be. 

Nobody tells you that you can create a simpler plan that’s tailored to your lifestyle, personality, and energy.

All you need to understand is how attraction TRULY works, so you can become irresistibly magnetic to the life of your dreams.


And that’s exactly what I’m teaching you inside of 


Want to be a Founding Member of the Class of 2022 at Manifestation U?


In just 12 WEEKS, you’re going to master your own personalized manifestation plan, so you can take out the overwhelm, release the shame and limiting beliefs holding you back, and begin to create a life wilder than your dreams.

Why it works:

MANIFESTATION U isn’t just going to teach you the “woo” concepts without breaking them down in a way that is understandable, approachable, and relatable to you. Get every question you’ve ever had about manifestation answered, backed by the latest discoveries in science based research and the ancient teachings of thousands of years. 

You’ll not only learn WHAT to do, but you’ll understand exactly WHY and HOW energy works, from not only a spiritual or metaphysical perspective… but also how it intertwines with quantum mechanics, neuroscience, and psychology.

At the end of the 12 weeks, manifestation will no longer just be a concept you read about, but something your truly understand and EMBODY on a daily basis. You will know exactly the tools to recalibrate your energy, release subconscious blocks, and what to do to get yourself back into alignment easily and effortlessly through your own personalized manifestation method.

And that’s freaking priceless.

I hope you’re ready to quantum leap in all areas of your life... because your health, wealth, and relationships are all about to drastically uplevel.

Imagine If:

  • You stopped just “checking the boxes” and living based on other’s expectations of you
  • You finally knew WHY you were self-sabotaging your success and exactly what to do in order to stop the cycle
  • You no longer lived for the running on a hamster wheel, but actually felt the momentum of your goals building daily 
  • You released the shame and limiting beliefs around success that are currently keeping you stuck, and have the tools to do it yourself over & over again in the future
  • You didn’t have to change WHO YOU ARE or give up the things you love in order to be successful
  • You had a manifestation method that was simple and easy to implement on the daily
  • You woke up every morning excited about the life you are creating
  • You were connected to a group of like-minded individuals that were manifesting their dream lives right alongside you

Here's the proven formula to create your dream life that has already gotten results for hundreds of my clients.

And now these results can be your results, too.

the four phases of manifestation u

Phase One: Unlock

Unlock even your deepest desires, and discover what you TRULY want in the first phase of the program. We’ll be uncovering what your soul desires the most, unlocking your deepest motives to magnetize your mission, and set clear intentions that will work directly with your subconscious mind to begin the reprogramming process. Learn how to create your Life Vision and the process of Subconscious Goal Setting, to set a strong foundation to know how to achieve anything your heart desires.

Phase Two: Unlearn

Unlearn breaking the common myths of manifestation. Unlearn what you thought you knew about creating your dream life and discover what it actually takes to manifest your desires. We will be breaking down common misconceptions about manifestation so you are no longer confused on what information is the most important for you. Walk away from this phase with a complete understanding of the science behind manifestation, why and how it works, what that means for you as a human, and how you can make manifestation TRULY work for you. Belief comes from understanding, and if you have ANY doubt that manifestation will work for you… this phase will restore all of your faith in the journey. And you’ll sound really cool to everyone when you can explain how the energy of the entire Universe works 😉

Phase Three: Uncover

Uncover what limiting beliefs are currently holding you back from manifesting your dream life & why you may be feeling stuck & stagnant despite your best efforts to change. Our subconscious programming causes us to self-sabotage what we truly want, so becoming aware of your thought patterns is the first place to begin shifting your beliefs and change your reality. Learn the most effective tools backed by ancient wisdom to release old emotions and beliefs. Break through your perfectionism and procrastination tendencies, discover WHY you are self-sabotaging, HOW to notice these behaviors in real time, and WHAT to do to stop the cycle so you can clear your old habits out for good.

Phase Four: UnLeash

Unleash your inner bad babe manifestor, you’re almost a graduate! In the last phase of the program, we will be taking all that you have learned over the last several weeks, and tailoring it exactly to you. By now, you will have learned that manifestation doesn’t need to be complicated, and this is the fun part of personalizing your action plan! I get how hard it can be to feel like you need to stick to a long, regimented spiritual practice and routine… but release that belief as you walk away with multiple different re-alignment strategies you can use to recalibrate your energy based on how much TIME you have. You’ll be creating custom manifestation routines you can do every day – whether you have 2 hours or 10 minutes. Not all strategies are created equal for all people… and a customized approach that you can implement easily & effortlessly is the cheat code to effort alignment anytime.

Unlearn everything you thought you knew about manifestation and walk away with a simple and easy way to explain, implement, and take action on your new knowledge of how energy works

No longer feel overwhelmed with the manifestation process that you’ve been confused about for so long

Have a simple process you can use anytime and a personalized plan based on your personality, energetic, and lifestyle needs

Have a clear understanding of how you have been sabotaging your dreams and how to stop repelling your desires

Release the shame and comparison to others that you previously had seeing other’s success, because you’ll understand the mindset behind how to attract all the things you desire

Walk away with a better understanding of WHY manifestation works, WHAT has been holding you back, and HOW to make it work for you, so you can manifest a life wilder than you could ever imagine


Results to

Weekly Group Calls

Q&A style calls where I’ll be coaching you directly through anything and everything that’s coming up for you during the program. Ask questions about the modules, get feedback on your worksheets, and receive one on one support during the calls to address your specific needs.

Weekly Modules

Dropped in the portal every Monday will be video trainings by yours truly, so you can take your time and learn at your own pace! These will be in your portal forever, so even after the 12 weeks is over you’ll be able to go back and review again and again! (and you’ll receive any additional modules I add overtime with your lifetime access!)

Module workbooks 

Follow along with each module, and immediately apply the information you’re learning. This will help you to embody the information in a way that is not only easy to understand, but easy to implement. Welcome to massive self discovery!

Daily messaging accountability group

Receive daily group support M-F via a private messaging app! Talk with the other students, ask questions, support and encourage each other, & receive support from me!

Accountability Buddies

You will be split into smaller groups and/or accountability buddies for even more additional support 

Private Monthly 1:1 Calls

 3 one to one calls, 45 min each, where we will work together directly to skyrocket your results in the program. Get individual time with me to ask any and all things, especially those things you may not feel comfortable sharing in a group (even though this will be the most supportive and inclusive group ever!), and have the ability to record the calls to refer back to forever. If you’ve ever wanted to work with Rachel 1:1 but haven’t been able to, now is your chance. This is basically the equivalent of getting Rachel’s 1:1 coaching package, PLUS an entire course and accountability community. Literally insane.

Private Daily Messaging Access M-F

Just like Rachel’s high level private clients, you’ll get the luxury experience of getting to have Rachel in your back pocket every single day. Get coaching in real-time as you’re going through the program, working through blocks, or just need support as you’re upleveling on your journey. This is one of THE most booked out and valuable offers I have, because we get to work together every single day.

Access to ALL Masterclasses

Receive all of my masterclasses & accompanying workbooks absolutely FREE:

Mastering Manifestation

Learn the foundations of manifestation, how it ties into science, and what beliefs you need to shift and integrate in order to create your dream reality

How To Start Doing The Work

This masterclass includes a written a step-by-step guide on what mindset work is all about, where to begin, and how to immediately start making shifts in your life. Whether you’re new to self development, or a seasoned vet, this foundational class will bring you back to basics and help you reconnect to doing the work consistently

How To Stop Self-Sabotaging

This masterclass dives deep into WHAT you’re doing to sabotage your success, uncovers WHY you are doing it, and helps you CREATE an action plan to break the patterns. Have a habit of not showing up for yourself? This is the place to start

Customizable Vision Board Strategy & Templates

Learn my exact method for creating the most effective vision board possible. Go through the process I personally use to create my vision boards each year, how I connect to my desires, find the most effective images, and make sure to encompass ALL areas of wealth & abundance in life. You’ll receive TWO easy to use, plug and play templates to create a digital desktop and mobile vision board that you can put on your background during the program for more subconscious rewiring, without even having to think about it.


Receive my personalized guided meditations tailored specifically during each phase of the program to help you rewire your subconscious & anchor in your breakthroughs on a cellular level 

Guest Experts

We have multiple industry-leading experts that will be coming to speak on their area of expertise… but I can’t give away all of my secrets just yet! I’ll give you a hint: it will all be focus on the subconscious mind, stepping into your power, and how to manage your particular energy type. (If you DM me and guess one of the speakers correctly… I’ll give the first person a personalized gift. Another hint: many of you were obsessed with them on the podcast 🤫)

Weekly Journal Prompts

Receive weekly journal prompts and additional resources between modules & calls for additional support inside of the program!

Additional perks of being a Founding Member of the very first Manifestation U

Invest in the program with [basically] no risk, as you get LIFETIME ACCESS for the duration of this program! That means that when we relaunch in August, you can join the round absolute FREE. And all of the other launches again and again as we improve and add to the program over time!

Lifetime Access

As a founding student, you receive half off of the full program price! This is the lowest price this Program will EVER be, and it will be doubling for the next launch. So if you’re feeling a nudge now (and you’re also super busy, or worried things will come up, etc) – you literally can do this program over and over again. So don’t be kicking yourself in the summer when the price doubles the next round!


You want to manifest the life of your dreams, but you feel like you haven’t found your version of manifestation that really vibes with you yet – and a group that you can do it with 

You desire a BIG, audacious life and don’t want to settle for the mediocre reality that most people around you do 

You are tired of checking the boxes you were told would make you happy, only to lay awake at night wondering “this is it?”

You have this knowing inside that there’s something better out there for you
You know you have subconscious blocks holding you back, but don’t know how to break through them

You are tired of going in circles and ready to take action, even if it feels scary


This is for you

This is


for you if

You are not ready to go all in yet

You are still in the “yeah but….” zone – arguing for your limitations over your future

You are making excuses and not willing to take 100% responsibility for your results

You are looking for an easy quick fix and not willing to do the inner work

It's not an accident that you landed here on this page.

So if you're still reading listen, babe.
I'm gonna shoot it to you straight.

So if you're still reading listen, babe.

I'm gonna shoot it to you straight.

I sat on my dreams for over 3 years before taking action.

It was never the right time, I was always too busy, and I believed I needed to know more or do more before going for it.

The perfect time never came.
The busyness never slowed.
There was always something more I needed to learn.

The perfect time never came.

The busyness never slowed.

There was always something more I needed to learn.

I finally got sick of holding myself back & jumped two feet in, even though I was shaking.

And the only thing I wish was that i took action sooner.

And every time I jump, I quantum leaped to a whole new level (and I teach you how inside of the program 😉 )

when it comes down to it, 
You have two options:

And when it comes down to it,

You have two options:

You can continue to listen to the podcasts, follow the gurus, and read the books… soaking in the information and waiting for the perfect time to *actually* go for it. 

There is nothing wrong with that, everything happens in perfect timing.
There truly are times in life where it doesn’t make sense for right now, in this moment.

But I also know that the longer you wait, the more you’ll attract the waiting…

The Universe responds to what you’re putting out. If you don’t show that you want it, through your energy and action, then you will get more of what you already have. 

Things only change when our focus changes.

So focus on what you WANT to happen. 

Things only change when our focus changes.

So focus on what you WANT to happen. 



Every little nudge is an opportunity to pause and ask your higher self, “what would she do?”

And you are on this page, reading this far, because your higher self led you here.

Expect your brain to give you all of the excuses as to why it’s not the right time. That’s to be expected, right on schedule.

But YOU are the creator of your reality. Not your ego.
What would your Higher Self have to tell you in this moment? 

[seriously, pause and feel into that question for a moment]

The version of you that had all the desires – how would it feel? What would she do? What advice would she give the current version of you?

Six months from now, you could be living your dreams… Waking up every morning excited to be alive, with more money than ever before, more freedom than you thought possible, and more confidence and drive than you’ve felt in your life… in awe of what you’ve already accomplished and have a deep inner knowing that it’s just the beginning.

Or six months from now, you could be in the exact same place you are right now… in the exact same circumstances… scrolling through Instagram comparing yourself to the people that went for it and seeing how much difference six months made for them. The only difference is now you’ll be kicking yourself, and proving to your subconscious even more evidence of the fact that you aren’t truly serious about your desires.

Everything happens in perfect timing, and I want this to feel like an empowering decision for you.
Sometimes, it truly isn’t the right time.

But most times, we can make the time, it’s just our ego trying to talk us out of the uplevel that our Higher Self knows is the true path for us.

Rooting for you every step of the way.

XO, Rach

The Universe will always reflect back to you what you give to it.

The choice is yours. But you made it to the very end of this (extremely long) page, so have a feeling you know your answer 😉

Manifestation University